Is It Time to Implement a New ERP System?

Cetec ERP has been on the floor of many SMB manufacturers - we understand that running a small or medium-sized business is tricky. The number of tasks that have to be managed by a small team can be overwhelming, as you absorb chaos and difficult challenges from your customers as well as facing your own operating difficulties.

In your management meetings, do you hear any of these complaints from your team? Or do you see any of these pain points as you walk the floor? Or perhaps you are one of the people dealing with these pain points on a daily basis:

  • Disjointed systems are causing duplicate data entry, resulting in errors and wasted time for each department to manage their own spreadsheets

  • Outdated technology that could crash any day and isn’t web-enabled or mobile accessible
  • Purchasing practices that require a buyer to hunt down large amounts of information manually
  • Production managers and supervisors chasing orders or jobs on the floor to update a customer on status, or determine a root issue to keep the order moving
  • Determining job profitability is time consuming and often imprecise, relying on manually tracking actual labor and material costs that may lag behind reality
  • Unable to meet increasingly strict customer requirements in regulated industries
  • Small (or legacy) system isn’t robust or flexible enough to address a new problem, and requires you to add on another integration or make a costly customization
  • You’re growing rapidly and know you need a centralized system, but can’t quite dedicate resources to the project Mission critical information and processes rely on the memory of 1-2 key team members

If so, you may be ready to implement an ERP system! These are all common symptoms of small and medium sized manufacturers that an ERP system can help solve, earning you space to focus on growing your business and improving current operations.