Cloud Inventory & Accounting Software

Growing SMB manufacturing companies settle for inventory plugins glued with Quickbooks instead of a single, seamless inventory & accounting business suite in the cloud, i.e. “ERP”. Why?

My Accountant Is Fixated On Quickbooks

This is an unwinnable battle. If your accountant says, “It’s Quickbooks or Quickbooks”, then you’re going to use Quickbooks.

However, if you can convince your accountant that Cetec ERP does everything Quickbooks does and more, you have a chance. The battle toward a single, integrated, scalable system certainly is one worth fighting.

Switching from Quickbooks to Cetec ERP is like driving in Europe on the left lane of the road all your life, and then moving to the USA and driving in the right lane. The car is the same, you still move effectively from point A to point B, but the experience is different.

If you can convince your accountant to learn a different experience, use Cetec ERP for accounting instead of Quickbooks, and you open up a far more efficient and powerful way to run your business.

ERP is too expensive

This used to be a problem. It is no longer.

Cetec ERP employs the latest technology to create a vastly powerful but light weight ERP web app that runs your entire business. The software is $0.00 and is available at a low monthly cost of $40/user/month.

ERP is too complicated

Depending on the sophistication and experience and capabilities of your team, your company truly may not be ready for an ERP system, and it may make more sense to stay on Quickbooks and spreadsheets.

However, if your team is willing to learn a little bit, and adhere to same basic industry standard, proven business process, then you’re ready for ERP.

The perception of difficulty and complexity in ERP systems was in part created due to clunky design and technology. This has been largely solved with Cetec ERP’s incredibly intuitive web-native interface. Running your business is easy and obvious if your software interface is simple like it is in Cetec.

The best of both worlds

There is a trope in the ERP world that an ERP system is strong either in financials, or manufacturing, but never both.

Cetec ERP represents the best of both worlds: a true manufacturing solution with a focus on integrated operations, and a financial suite that provides perfect visibility into your entire company, and with accounting tools even the most ardent Quickbooks users will appreciate.