How Cetec ERP’s Unique SaaS Cloud ERP Avoids Licensing Headaches

The SAP v. Diageo ruling in mid-February 2017 set off ripples of concerns in the business world. In this case, a UK court ruled in favor of SAP, the ERP giant, that indirect access could include customers accessing data generated by the SAP system through non-SAP integrated systems. As a result, Diageo could be held responsible for paying SAP millions of dollars in additional license fees. This case is an egregious example of the confusing and costly license agreements used by some of the top ERP vendors, creating a bad reputation for modern ERP systems. The combination of stringent licensing with rapidly developing technology makes for a cautionary tale of why cloud ERP could create new headaches for businesses. What may seem at first like an affordable ERP system becomes weighed down by license fees, third-party contracts, and other unexpected costs. Suddenly the ERP total cost of ownership outpaces the ROI.

At Cetec ERP, we understand that manufacturing companies seek to implement ERP systems to save them headaches, not create more issues. We structured our Software as a Service ERP model with the needs of Small/Medium businesses in mind– a powerful, fully integrated ERP platform with a simple pricing structure of $40/user/month that allows users to keep their focus on their company, not their ERP licenses. We keep our users looking forward to the future of ERP applications, because Cetec ERP allows them to experience the benefits better technology for a smaller price. Contact Cetec ERP today to learn more about how our low-cost ERP can help your company grow, increase efficiency, and save money.