Balancing ERP Robustness and Accessibility

When qualifying new customers we get asked a lot of questions about what our system can do, and rightly so. It’s important for companies to ask a lot of questions to find the best ERP solutions that match their expectations and needs. However, not everything on the wish list may be practical for an advanced business system like ERP software. One such query we have received, often from someone with limited experience with modern ERP systems, is whether we currently have or are developing a mobile app for Cetec ERP. To best answer this question, it’s important to consider a few factors:

Why cloud ERP best provides mobile ERP solutions via an ERP web application;

The top ERP systems of today may not accurately predict the future of ERP applications;

Understanding how to use ERP effectively is the best way to ensure that the benefits of ERP system implementation meet your team’s expectations of robust cloud-based business software.

Online ERP systems, like Cetec ERP, can easily be accessed via a web browser on mobile phones and tablets eliminating the practicality of developing a mobile application. While some big-name players in the ERP world have devoted resources toward developing mobile apps, users may be disappointed in the result: a large file that takes up storage space and provides no added benefit to a bookmarked web application, and in many cases has reduced robustness when compared to the best web-based ERP solutions. Fully integrated ERP systems are, by their nature, complex and data-laden, often going beyond what mobile apps are meant to do (or capable of doing). While mobile accessibility is an important aspect of modern ERP solutions, achieving this should not lead to a watering down of the system’s strength. At Cetec ERP, our goal is to make a powerful, full-scale cloud ERP for manufacturing SMBs that matches industry best practices, including mobile accessibility to a fully integrated, robust ERP system. Contact us today to schedule a demo or a free trial of our low-cost ERP software.