How does modern tech enable a faster/better ERP implementation?

There are five major aspects of any implementation, and modern SaaS technology brings agility to each one in several areas.

Software installation, setup, and configuration

Normally, the process of software installation is expensive and time consuming. You have to select updated server hardware with the proper speed and memory and configurations to support the software requirements; you have to install the operating system and dependent modules to support the software; you have an abundance of third-party connectors and databases to configure, and then you have to setup and install the software application itself.

With Cetec ERP, all of the above is done in 5 minutes (by us) at no time nor cost to you. You login immediately through your web browser.

User Training

Normally, training doesn’t occur until too late, and companies never feel like enough training or discovery was done ahead of time. You can never be too prepared.

With Cetec ERP, because you can spin up your ERP instance on the fly at no cost, you can start leveraging the cloud environment as a stage to drive training and preparation for your team. Furthermore, with the latest web conferencing and screen sharing technology, accomplishing dedicated expert training and consulting remotely is now very effective.

Data Migration

Cetec ERP handles data transfer with the same modern programming tools used in the architecture of the cloud ERP platform; it’s simple. Converting data via software driven reproducible process allows repeatable (ideally weekly) data loads.

This modern approach to software driven data migration fosters consistency and stability and efficiency during software transitions. Data transfer is routed through standard programs to transform and load the data from spreadsheet format into the cloud ERP staging environment. Thus, the bulk of data conversion work is front loaded to the creation of these programs (once the suite of transforms is created, a refresh is a minor event [often 15-20 minutes]). By go-live, the whole process has been done so many times that data migration is functionally a non-event.


Modern technology makes integration easier. Cetec ERP was architected with modern technology. Thus, the Cetec ERP platform includes many of the feature sets that are normally covered with external product integration (e.g. CRM and Quoting, Quality Management, Shop Floor Data Collection, Reporting, etc. etc.). This vast amount of built-in integration across the enterprise greatly reduces implementation project risk, as integration is the classic point of project risk and uncertainty.

Customization Where Needed

One of the most common ERP implementation failures is the failure to identify gaps during the software selection process.

Cetec ERP mitigates this risk by providing full in house custom software development services to the core ERP platform itself (i.e. without forking you off onto a custom branch of the product). We are able to offer this service ultimately due to the inherent flexibility in the most modern technological tools available to software engineers today; we aren’t hamstrung by older technology.

This lets our customers rest assured that, if they do encounter a problem that requires software adjustment, we will take care of it for them at an extraordinarily low cost. Our development and integration of new features is ongoing and extremely cost efficient.