Manufacturing continues to own a building block of American growth, and as we’ve seen in the past forty years, accelerated American growth depends on technological advancements. Since technology grew rapidly in such a short period of time, business owners realized that modernizing their companies became a necessity.

This modernization of manufacturing is a fairly new trend, but the results have proven positive for business owners. Recently, Forbes wrote an article discussing this modernization through ownership change. Since “roughly 16% of business owners were 65 or older in 2012”, manufacturing is seeing young entrepreneurs buying out the baby boomer generation who built successful manufacturing companies in the past 20 years, and this younger, tech-friendly generation views manufacture advancement as a technological advancement. The challenge with this type of ownership change stems from the desire for both a smooth leadership transition and a push for change. For Bimac Corporation, that challenge didn’t hold back their new owner.

The New York Times wrote an article about the ownership change at Bimac Corporation, a metal casting company in Dayton, Ohio. In early 2015 Roberto Santos purchased Bimac from Dan Bizzaro and Bill Jordan, co-owners of Bimac, who worked for the company for almost 40 years. The two friends who met in college decided that retirement was coming soon, and they saw fit that Mr. Santos was the perfect fit to accelerate the business beyond their working age. Mr. Santos’s provided a comfortable leadership change while also vision tackling his goal to modernize his manufacturing process; he bought Bimac, kept Mr. Bizzaro and Mr. Jordan as vice president of manufacturing and vice president of engineering, respectively, and purchased an advanced software solution that elevated Bimac to a higher level of growth.

Mr. Santos chose Cetec as their cloud ERP provider shortly after acquiring Bimac because “it helped modernize the company and break out of our old pattern” - Roberto Santos. Their old patterns were software programs built in the mid 90s that prohibited their potential growth, and Mr. Santos viewed Cetec as the all-in-one web enabled platform for every department in their business, from finance to operations to quality to sales to inventory management. Shortly before Mr. Santos’ purchased Bimac, Cetec ERP did some growing as well. In 2014 we began to offer our fully cloud based product; we were a legacy ERP system stuck in our old ways similar to Bimac. We saw the landscape of manufacturing grow with technology, so we realized we had to adjust. This meant modernizing our product’s functionality to fit the mold of the ever changing manufacturing growth.

Cetec ERP provides the technology that upgrades every aspect of a manufacturing businesses, and we continue to scale with the constant growth. Sign up for a free trial and see how Cetec modernizes your manufacturing company.

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