Cetec ERP: The Best ERP for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

When sifting through ERP providers, it’s easy to see ERP benefits and challenges, and PCB manufacturers need detailed solutions. Printed circuit board manufacturing requires real time production tracking, detailed BOM management and accurate inventory control to fulfill orders. The best ERP for printed circuit board manufacturers possess all of these requirements and more. Cetec ERP prides itself in its ability for flexibility and breadth across different industries while fulfilling the detailed needs of those industries, and when searching for the ERP for PCB manufacturers, Cetec ERP delivers complete visibility for your manufacturing needs.

A PCB manufacturer without a proper ERP system struggles with three general issues: production tracking, BOM management, and inventory control. Cetec accomplishes those problems on a completely integrated, cloud platform.

Production Tracking and Scheduling

In Cetec, production is tracked in real time, and order details are updated as your employees work on labor. You have visibility to every order in WIP and their location, employee time worked on job, time left to work on job, quantity completed, quantity remaining, and much more. This real time production tracking helps schedule upcoming orders and plan your labor associated with those orders. For PCB manufacturers this is especially critical because of the distinct labor path for each order, and the requirement to trace every sub assembly in each work order.

BOM Management

ERPs for PCB manufacturers need a system to track all forms of their BOMs. Revision changes occur often in the PCB industry, and the ability to communicate between different departments regarding the BOM change is necessary. Whether the BOM changes in engineering, purchasing or production, Cetec tracks all changes, movements, additions, etc. on every revision in a given BOM. Cetec has the capability to assign responsibilities to a given employee in each Engineering Change Report (ECR), so there is no slip in the BOM management change. Each step of the ECR moves through Cetec in real time which expedites the process and provides full visibility to your BOM management.

Inventory Control

For most PCB manufacturers, inventory control might be the most crucial feature in an ERP system. Since printed circuit boards consist of complex BOMs and multiple routers, the ability to allocate the proper amount of inventory and trace that inventory throughout every step of production is imperative . Cetec allows users to drive production by a BOM’s component and traveller in its material requirement planning system. Meaning, each BOM component list is an inventory allocation list to the order belonging to that BOM. Furthermore, the BOM’s traveller routes the production of the order. A Cetec user can view each order, it’s physical location in production, and the assignment the BOM’s pieces of inventory. All through Cetec’s integrated material requirement planning system.

Cetec recently onboarded a PCB manufacturer who previously struggled with all of these issues. With Cetec, printed circuit board manufacturers gain a powerful product that gives them complete control of their entire business and scales with their growth.

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