Pricing Rules in Cetec ERP

Pricing is a critical factor for any manufacturer. Knowing your profit and how much your material costs is paramount to keep your business running, and you need a system that can support your dynamic pricing strategies in an accurate, efficient way. Cetec ERP helps you manage this elegantly with a feature we call Pricing Rules.

Pricing Rules allow you to set specific pricing for a number of use cases:

  • Specific customers, which is especially useful for contract pricing
  • Business types, allowing you to price differently based on company profiles
  • Per commodity (PRC), for discounting groups of parts in a batch
  • A specific date range, such as when creating a temporary sales price

Cetec ERP pricing rules allow you to force a specific pricing different from the prices on the part record, like a discount. This applies to cost and resale, and you can add percentages or total amounts. You can then ‘stack’ pricing rules together by setting up a run order, which allows you to set a complex hierarchy of pricing structures.


Pricing rules will apply automatically without your team having to manually change the price. This means you have dynamic pricing and faster quoting, instead of constantly needing to manage part prices. Improve your quote turnaround, secure margins on orders, and raise the bar on your customer service by removing errors.

Pricing rules are versatile and make pricing for your customers a breeze. Cetec ERP is here to help! For more information, check out our detailed guide.