Project Feature

We’ve had a cloud ERP user recently ask;

What is the project feature used for within Cetec ERP?

The project feature is something you generate for a customer that allows you to consolidate multiple processes related to that customer. When you create a project for a customer a number of options are available in one place:


You can generate quotes for the customer directly from the project which links that quote to the project itself via the ‘Quotes’ link. If you generate multiple quotes for the customer via the project it’ll show you those quotes when you navigate to the project quote link for that customer. This does not link existing orders to the project of a customer, they need to be generated via the project to establish that link.

Once you commit that quote to order and transition it to the next stage that quote becomes visible on the ‘Orders’ link of the project - here you can see any orders that you’ve linked to the project via generating quotes. The same process applies to invoices that have been generated after creating a quote, committing it to order, and processing that into an invoice: that would then show up under the invoice link on the left hand nav menu.

With PQuotes and PO’s those are linked to the project if you generate the PQuote/PO via an order that has been linked directly to the project - if you link an order and navigate to the order, place a PQuote, and convert it to a PO those would show up in their respective links. You can also link prepayments from the customer to the project itself via the ‘Prepay’ link.

Navigating back to the project edit screen there are a number of additional graphs and breakdowns available as well:

  1. Project Breakdown


  1. Cost and Resale Breakdown:


  1. Invoices Breakdown, Payments Breakdown, Accrued Breakdown


  1. Generate A Billing Schedule (if necessary):


An import detail to note is that the projects feature within Cetec is typically used for long projects that span months. It gives you the ability to link potentially multiple quotes, orders, PO’s, or invoices to the project; while creating a nice cost and billing overview in one spot!

Projects let you interface with customers (e.g. milestone billing) and project accounting where a monthly overview of active customer billings/payments against a long project is needed!