Using the Pulse Dashboard in Cetec ERP

In the fast-paced world of business, having a real-time pulse on the health of your company is crucial. As an executive or senior manager, you understand the importance of key metrics like revenue, inventory, MTD, and invoice totals. However, extracting this information from your ERP system can often be a cumbersome task, requiring navigation through various modules and running multiple reports.

Enter Cetec ERP’s Pulse Dashboard, a game-changer that streamlines this process, providing executives and senior managers with a consolidated view of essential data without the need to navigate through different system areas.

Accessing the Pulse Dashboard is simple. Navigate to the Admin section, then select Dashboards from the dropdown menu. Within the Dashboards options, choose the Pulse Dashboard. Once opened, you can effortlessly filter the information based on warehouse location. If your responsibilities encompass a single warehouse, focus on the specific details for that location. For those overseeing multiple warehouses, the Pulse Dashboard presents both parent and child warehouse data.

The Pulse Dashboard serves as a comprehensive information hub, offering key insights into booked values derived from the bookings report, showcasing booking activities over the past month, year, and day. Furthermore, it provides a snapshot of invoice values, inventory levels, and order values. The dashboard also includes A/P and A/R summaries, along with a cash flow overview by week.

By centralizing critical information, it empowers managers to make informed decisions without spending excessive time searching for relevant data. Whether you are tracking bookings, monitoring cash flow, or assessing inventory levels, this dashboard serves as a valuable tool for optimizing your business oversight.

In the fast-paced business environment, efficiency is key. Cetec ERP’s Pulse Dashboard not only simplifies data retrieval but also enhances your ability to manage and steer your business with precision. Elevate your executive decision-making with the power of a consolidated, user-friendly dashboard.