Scalable Accounting for Manufacturing

Accounting platforms like Quickbooks and Xero are great solutions to your start up business. They are lite, they fulfill your basic needs, and they are cheap. Unfortunately, these accounting platforms thrive in a bubble, but upon growth, that bubble will burst. So, what happens when you grow out of it? Does Quickbooks scale to your advancing demands? Can Xero keep up with all of your cost accounting manufacturing needs? Accounting software solutions have their limitations, and reaching those limitations are the true signs of outgrowing Quickbooks. Here are some telltale signs of your business outgrowing Quickbooks.

You struggle to track down every aspect of your business. If the optimism of growth turns to stress because the difficulty of managing multiple angles of your business, there’s a good chance your accounting software isn’t scaling to your needs. Piecing together a mountain of inventory spreadsheets and work orders halts your growth, and you’re left scrambling around to complete the simplest of tasks.

You begin to lose sight of your production. A common result of gluing together every piece of your business through different interfaces is losing sight of production. Inventory becomes murky and inconsistent, and the communication between your production processes and basic material requirements fails.

You can’t keep up with your customers’ requests. Since production lags, your customers’ orders do not get fulfilled on time, and backorders increase in an attempt to catch up with your business. As a business owner, you’re supposed to be conducting your growth not dragging behind an uncontrollable business.

Cetec is a scalable accounting cloud ERP solution for your manufacturing business. It extends beyond Quickbooks’ capabilities while fulfilling all accounting requirements for a thriving business. Cetec drives scalable accounting by tracking inventory, production planning, purchasing, and work order fulfillment. Cetec functions completely in the cloud, so there is no need for server set ups, maintenance upkeep or costly fees. Cetec is $40/user/month with $0 upfront that scales your accounting.