Cetec ERP: Scaling With Your Growth

Cetec ERP prides itself in being a scalable software solution for manufacturers. If a business is growing, Cetec escalates with that company’s growth, and a very visible sign of growth within a manufacturing business is their ability to branch out into multiple third party warehouses. Cetec ERP tracks inventory in multiple warehouse locations, and this inventory tracking allows for complete traceability of inventory and job completion.

Cetec recently onboarded a new customer who required an ERP software solution that supported outsourcing purchase orders to a third party vendors who held a portion of their inventory and performed specific build operations for that inventory. With multiple warehouse location capability, this new customer, FKI, can itemize and track their inventory and build operations in all third party warehouse locations by purchasing inventory from vendors directly to their chosen warehouse. Beyond the perk of visibility and ownership of inventory throughout the outsourcing process, multiple warehouse locations in Cetec allows the user to plan work orders around the capability of third party vendors who perform specific build operations. If you would like to see this process in action, check out our How-To Video on this topic here: How To Track Outsourced Product From A Third Party Vendor.

If you’re company is growing, and you’re beginning to realize that ERP system is necessary for your growth, Cetec is a light, powerful ERP platform that scales with your business. See for yourself is Cetec is the fit for you with a 30-day free trial.