Starting From Scratch With ERP

Do you start with ERP, or should you only implement ERP once your business grows?

One consistent theme we have seen across our years working with small business owners is this:

First time startup founders believe that enterprise level ERP software is a distraction, a waste of time, and if they ever install an ERP system, it is only after growing well beyond the point of Quickbooks and spreadsheets being a viable solution, and is usually quite painful.

Second time startup founders nearly universally choose to START with ERP. Ask them why, and they will tell you: it’s easier to start with good process, rather than changing over to good process from tangled up processes.

Cetec ERP provides a nimble, but powerful, application that business owners can use to start their companies and run their companies at max efficiency, with a full suite business system that encourages good process, without hindering the need to stay fast and pragmatic.

For any company with inventory, production, and accounting needs, experienced founders know that Cetec ERP provides a solid foundation for scaling your business smoothly.