Cetec ERP is the ideal option for startups and cloud ERP for small business

Startup manufacturers have found the secret sauce for small business cloud ERP in Cetec ERPs fully integrated, complete ERP web app.

What makes a perfect small business ERP application

Startup manufacturing companies use the following litmus test, and Cetec ERP checks all the boxes:

“We need something modern, nimble, something to help us stay ahead of the game.”

Technology is fast moving, and the way of the future is in true multi-tenant SaaS ERP. Not only is this the most powerful enterprise technology available today, it is also the most cost effective. Startups obviously need modern technology; why step backwards in time technology-wise with your ERP if you are a startup? A small business cloud ERP platform needs to be multi-tenant, it needs to be at the forefront of technological innovation, and it needs to be actively moving forward, not stagnating.

“We need something affordable.”

Startup companies usually have little budget for business software. This is why most of them start on Quickbooks and end up in a world of pain. Cetec ERP is $0.00 upfront. Avoid more upfront capital expenses, go with a true cloud SaaS ERP.

“We need the financial module to be a fully adequate replacement for Quickbooks; our accountant only knows Quickbooks.”

Most accountants are familiar with quickbooks; we understand that small businesses need a platform that can track and drive financials via GAAP compliant tools that most accountants will like and be familiar with. Cetec ERP contains fully integrated, easy to use cloud accounting, backflush accounting, and fully integrated inventory management in the cloud.

“We’re growing fast, so we need something that will grow with us and scale; we don’t want to have to buy another software package in five years.”

Startups often have big projected growth; a small business ERP must be able to pace with the startups growth path. Cetec ERP is a platform, so your company can only use the tools that make the most practical sense, the low hanging fruit. Then, as you grow, take advantage of the wealth of tools already built-in to the platform as you grow. Finally, Cetec ERP is scalable up to the global level and is a fully modern replacement even for tier 1 ERP platforms like SAP and Oracle.

“It can’t be too complicated, we don’t want to make things harder than they already are.”

Startups do not have the same requirements as larger companies; they also don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Cloud ERP for small business needs to be easy to use and flexible, so that you aren’t forced into overly complicated process. Cetec ERP is a perfect platform that strikes a balance between best practice, intelligently designed controls and exception processing, while flexibly allowing you to only use the things you really need, so you can run your company how you want to run it.

“It needs to be powerful enough to handle complex manufacturing.”

Even though smaller companies may not need everything a large corporation does, a small startup that does complex manufacturing in regulated verticals still has a TON of stuff to track, and it can become very difficult. Traditionally, the only solution available to manufacturing startups like this were huge, bloated, expensive ERP applications. Now their is featherweight cloud ERP in Cetec ERP, incredibly nimble, but does everything your manufacturing company needs.

“It needs to be already working and ready to go; the software needs to be canned.”

Startup manufacturing companies don’t have the time our resources to integrate a bunch of different modules together. They need a single canned solution that already does everything. Cetec ERP is fully loaded out of the box.

“We need to start immediately; no data migration needed.”

The nice thing about starting with ERP when you start up your company is that you avoid a huge aspect of most traditional ERP Projects - data migration! With Cetec ERP, you can spin up your ERP instance in the cloud for free, start with good data and good process from scratch, and avoid all of the headache most companies deal with after they’ve already outgrown older, limited accounting packages. Start with good data and grow into good, proven processes.