Recently, MiBiz, a Michigan based business information media outlet, wrote an article about a Cetec ERP customer, Tack Electronics. Todd Maines, CEO of Tack, took over the family business from his father in 2012, and he realized rather quickly that change was necessary and began to search for the best ERPs.

Tack and Cetec ERP had a history of business together before Todd became CEO; his father purchase a legacy-version software from Cetec in 2010, so our relationship with Tack remained strong through the ownership change. Around the same time that Todd picked up the business, Cetec had released our new product: a fully web-based, cloud-based ERP platform. Todd had a vision to modernize his newly acquired company, and he knew that this nimble yet powerful product was his solution. Cetec ERP’s modernization is the reason why cloud ERP is the driving force of 21st century manufacturing, and Tack isn’t our only customer who wanted to grow out of their old habits. Bimac Corporation, a metal castings manufacturer, purchased Cetec ERP with the same mindset: ERP should be fast and powerful, and Cetec ERP offers just that.

Cetec ERP provides the technology to help companies like Tack grow. Sign up for a free trial and see how Cetec modernizes your manufacturing company.

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