UOM Management

At Cetec ERP, we aim to continuously improve by responding to our users’ needs. It is important to us that we listen well and stay responsive to the daily ways that our customers use our system. When a customer lets us know how a process could be improved to make their use smoother, we want to accommodate that as much as we can.

A Cetec user recently told us, “Over the course of the two years we have made quite a few UOMs and various conversions that support them. Is there a way that we can arrange UOMs? They are currently in the order that they were made and it makes it less convenient when searching for the one you need.”

We asked where specifically the UOM list was causing a pain point. They sent us a screenshot (always helpful!) of the PO edit screen. In the drop-down menu, the long list of their UOMs was, in fact, showing up in a seemingly random order.

Confusing for sure!

Our product team did quick work to change that UOM drop-down list to an alphabetical sort. Your humble blogger tested this feature by adding new UOMs to Cetec and then going to a PO edit screen. Voila! The list is in alphabetical order instead of “created on” order.

So if you, too, use many UOMs, your PO entry will now be quicker and easier.

With Cetec ERP, you have a team of dedicated professionals working diligently to respond to you, the customer’s, needs. It’s our business to help your business run more smoothly.