Why Do Some Companies Fail With ERP?

That new technology improves things is a truism. (We like to talk a lot about how a Linux ERP, or linux-based architecture, has streamlined ERP software delivery and made true low cost cloud ERP possible).

However, we all have seen or even experienced cases where introducing new technology has hurt more than helped!

There are more than a few reasons why “Technology” may not lead to better results. The top culprits tend to boil down to:

  • Bad data (you put trash in, you get trash out)
  • Inability for company culture to adapt to process change required by ERP; lack of enforcement from top management
  • Poor software design; bad fit of ERP system to your actual business process and goals

To help potential Cetec ERP users avoid these pitfalls, we take great care to involve ERP experts immediately in the sales and evaluation process. We become very intimate each customer’s specific industry needs and goals to help them thoroughly evaluate three points:

  1. Trust. Do you believe Cetec ERP will be an excellent and responsive ERP provider. We want to prove that to you.
  2. ERP readiness. Are there any risks with respect to your data, employee adapatability to change, or your company culture that could jeopardize your goals to implement cloud ERP? We want to help you identify those potential blind spots.
  3. Technical validation. Is Cetec ERP a good fit for your particular business needs? We want to ensure that it is, or else recommend another software option for you.

The time we invest with you is meant to pave the way for a smooth and successful digital transformation and implementation of new technology!

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