This document reviews how to use the Dock To Stock features in your cloud ERP system to help improve your receiving and incoming inspection process. Note: this feature requires incoming parts to be inspected at time of receipt until vendors pass designated consecutive inspections.

The feature includes 3 configuration settings labeled as follows:

DTS - Enable Dock To Stock Mode

  • Set to 1 to turn on the feature

DTS - Inspection Requirement Number

  • Set number of consecutive passing inspections vendors must reach

DTS - Reset Passed Inspections

  • Set to 1 if you’d like the inspection count to reset when updating a vendor’s address (remit or corporate)

The intention of this feature is to force inspection at time of receipt to ensure vendors are sending you quality goods before putting them on the shelf.

There is another feature in Cetec ERP that may be used in conjunction with the Dock to Stock feature. The existing feature places parts received with no incoming inspections to a ‘pending’ status.

This feature is turned on with configuration setting “set received parts to pending”. Set this config setting to ‘1’ to turn on this feature.

The intention of this feature is to properly route your incoming parts from a receiving clerk to your inspection clerk. If your receiving clerk will not enter any incoming inspection information on the receiving screen, then the incoming inspection ID will set to ‘pending’. This allows your inspection clerk to review the inventory at a later time than the original receipt.

Furthermore, the parts received but not inspected get ‘locked’. Meaning, they are displayed in inventory, but not pickable/usable for orders.

Interactions between the two features:

If “Dock To Stock” settings are on and also the “set received parts to pending” config setting is on, the below will occur:

  • Inventory will lock if not inspected at time of receipt
    • Will unlock when inventory is inspected through ‘incoming inspection’
  • Inventory will not lock if inspected at time of receipt

  • Inventory will not lock after consecutive inspection attempts have been reached
    • Whether inspected at time of receipt or through incoming inspections

If ‘DTS’ is off and ‘pending’ is on

  • Inventory will lock if nothing is inspected upon receipt
    • Will unlock when inventory is inspected through ‘incoming inspection’

If ‘DTS’ is on and ‘pending’ is off

  • Inventory won’t lock, for DTS forces inspection at receipt every time


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