Cancel Receipt

You may accidentally receive in the wrong product or the wrong quantity of product, or at wrong cost or at the wrong time. In these cases, you may want to use the “Cancel Receipt” button to undo your receiving action, unravel the transaction, re-open the vendor PO, etc.

Consider the following exception processing scenarios and possible steps for correcting mistakes with PO receipts in Cetec ERP.

Does the system allow you to cancel the receipt?

If you go to the PO Receipt object, and you see the Cancel Receipt link on the left side-nav menu (and it is not grayed out or disabled), most likely the system will allow you to cancel it.

Simply click the Cancel Receipt link and the system will undo the receipt, adjust back the inventory, re-open the vendor PO if necessary with updated backorder quantity, undo any financial ledger impact the initial receipt transaction had, and effectively unravel the receipt transaction to get you back to the point where you had not yet performed any receipt.

Why is my Cancel Receipt link disabled?

If the particular receipt you are attempting to undo has already been “used” on other transactions (e.g. picked/invoiced on another work order) or modified in some way (e.g. moved bin locations, adjusted inventory quantity on the receipt, etc.), the system will disable the cancel receipt function to mitigate unintended financial and system wide impact and provide a basic level of control and data integrity. Here are four reasons why the Cancel Receipt link may be disabled:

  • The parts on the receipt have been picked/consumed on another work order / invoice.

  • There is no PO line associated to the receipt (e.g. in the case of a non-PO receipt; to cancel this type of receipt, simply perform an inventory adjustment).

  • The receipt has already been changed on the bin level (e.g. an inventory/cost adjustment).

  • The receipt exists on a paid voucher (vendor invoice). You may have to unravel the vendor invoice transactions first in order to be able to cancel the PO receipt.

What should I do if my Cancel Receipt link is disabled, but I still need to remove the receipt? Help me!

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