Cetec ERP contains a “knowledge-base” feature to ensure consistent and thorough communication across your ERP. The feature is represented in multiple modules of the system - you will find it labeled as ‘Notes’ in the left-side bars on each window in the respective modules.

Create a Note

To create a note, click on the [+ Note] button in the area to the right. After entering content in the ‘Add Note’ text area, you may set a Note Type to categorize the information you are adding to the system-wide knowledge base. The default note types are: reminder, email, phone call, alert, and general note. To add or edit Note Types - ?

Set a Reminder

To attach a reminder to the note and schedule an automatic calendar alert from the system, click the ‘Set Reminder’ button at the bottom of the note window. Choose a ‘Reminder Date’ on the calendar pop-up, set the time for the calendar reminder using the drag-and-scroll hour and minute bars (military time), and click ‘Done’. The system will automatically email the address included in the user profile for the user currently logged in with a link to add reminder to your calendar immediately. Enter a title for your reminder (or leave blank to default your title to the full note text) and select ‘OK’ to create your new note.


Cetec ERP contains document management and revision tracking functionality across each module in the system. The methods for document upload, labeling, tagging, download, revision tracking and editing, deletion, submission for approval, and workflow steps - these methods are the same across every module.

Upload a Document

In the document management screen, click the ‘Choose File’ button and select a file to upload from your computer. Then name the file (or leave blank to use the file-name as the title), and add any releveant ‘tags’ (must hit the “tab” key or use a comma to assign the tag). Tagging documents is a good process as it will make them more searchable later on. View document upload history (i.e. who uploaded which documents and when) in the second and third columns from the left in the document list.

Download a Document

Downloading a document is easy. Just go to the row of the file you wish to download, go to the sixth column from the left, and select “Download”. Or, select “Revisions” from the far right to download any one of the document revisions to your computer.

Revision Tracking / Revision Control

If there are multiple versions or revisions of the same document, the system will automatically publish the most recent revision; previous revisions are hidden. To view, download, or delete previous document revisions, select the ‘revisions’ link on the far right column. View revision history (i.e. who uploaded which revisions and when) in the second and third columns from the left in the revision list.

Delete a Document

To delete a document, use the workflow feature to delete the document.

Document Status

A document has two potential statuses: ‘active’ or ‘pending’. An active document designated a document as officially current and in circulation. A pending document is in a holding stage to receive official approval as a current and active document.

Document Workflow

Revision control reveals a document’s “status” (either ‘active’ or ‘pending’) Clicking the “status” link will bring you to the document object, where you can request approval, grant approval, and route the document through the workflow process. Note: if you are an admin user, all documents you upload will bypass the workflow process and go straight in as “approved” documents.


There are numerous tables and lists in Cetec ERP that are able to be exported into Excel for further modification: user list, tool list, customer case list, NCR list, CAR list, Quote List, Part List, and many more. Each of these tables includes a link at the top and bottom of the table that says “Export”. Just click either one of these links and the table will download to Excel immediately.

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