In order to get to the Inspections screen, navigate to PRODUCTION » Orders » List » [choose a production order] » Inspections (tab on left side-nav of production fulfillment window).

Inside the Inspections screen, notice the various input fields. The fields that are required for inspection are outlined in red.

  • Qty Inspected - The total quantity of the parts inspected.

  • Qty Accepted - The quantity of the parts that passed the inspection.

  • Qty Rejected - The quantity of the parts that failed the inspection.

  • Date Code - The date code for the part being inspected.

  • Assembler - The person who is responsible for assembly.

  • Inspection Type - There are two default inspection types in Cetec ERP: In-Process and Final. In-Process indicates inspection performed prior to the complete assembly of the part, and Final, after assembly. You can also set additional Inspection Types by navigating to ADMIN » Data Maintenance » InspectionType.

  • Pass - Multiple inspections could be performed for a single part. This field indicates the current inspection in the sequence of inspections.

  • Inspector - The user performing inspection.

Once you submit the inspection form, you have to give reason for inspection failure. You can set the reason one by one for every Qty Rejected, or you can choose a reason from the “Change me to set all failure codes” pull-down menu to change the reason for all Qty Rejected. You can also modify/edit inspection failures reasons via navigating to ADMIN » Data Maintenance » InspectionFailureDef.

Submitting reasons will automatically create NCR (Nonconformance Report) for every part that was rejected. Check the NCR section of the user manual docs for more information on NCRs.


After you submit inspection report and reasons for any part that failed the inspection process, your inspections table from the initial Inspections screen will be updated. Every row in this table indicates a previously submitted inspection report.

Outside of organizing and displaying data, you can edit an inspection report by clicking on Edit; navigate to the corresponding NCR by clicking on the link from the NCR column; and finally, delete an inspection report by clicking delete.


Quick Pass is used when every part has passed inspection with no Qty Rejected. Quick Pass is performed from the Production screen (PRODUCTION » Orders » List » [choose a production order]). Near the bottom right of the Production screen table displaying data, you will see Inspections field and “add quick pass” link (if there are inspections already recorded for the part it will display the number of inspections performed right before the link e.g. 2 (add quick pass)). Click on the link.

What you will see is basically a truncated version of the Inspections screen. Enter the Qty inspected and accepted (they are one and the same for Quick Pass), and it will register the data to the Inspections Table inside the Inspections screen.

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