Order Process Overview

Every sales order in Cetec ERP starts off as a quote. Treat a quote as a pre-order template. A quote can be created with whatever information is available at the moment, and as the sales process unfolds a salesperson can come back to add to or modify the quote. A quote can then be converted to a sales order at a click of a button while retaining all the data you input, or be closed as lost business.

Conversion to Order

A quote will contain all the sales data you have gathered up to the point of conversion. At this point a quote can be turned into a sales order with a click of a button. While a quote in itself has no required data field, you can configure required fields to turn a quote into an order e.g. customer company name, address, sales part number, etc. Sales orders that have been created but not yet been fulfilled are considered “open” by the system.

Open Orders

Open orders are orders awaiting eventual fulfillment. Before orders can be fulfilled, they require intermediary steps such as assembly and shipment. There are four reports with varying purposes and functionalities to help with this task:

Sales order list is best suited for having an eagle eye view of all open orders from a sales perspective. Sales order list displays all the open lines in the system along with the lines Ship and Dock Dates, part number, quantity requested, and extended cost, extended resale value, etc.

Production order list is best suited for keeping track of all the open work orders in the system that require service/assembly. Production order list displays all these lines from open orders along with the lines Ship, Work Start, and Dock dates, estimated labor time, current location, quantity on hand, etc. By clicking on one of the line items, you can access the work order view screen to track and fulfill service/assembly process.

Bookings tracks all the changes made to open orders in the system. Any time a sales order is created, deleted, or modified, bookings logs all the changes and displays it in a report to keep the user current on all recent changes.

In order to give the users the power over production and shipment scheduling, open orders have to be released to the warehouse to begin production or shipment process. From Move to Pick Queue screen the user can choose open orders to release to the warehouse.

Close & Reconcile Quote

When business is lost, quote should be closed and reconciled by giving the reasons for having lost the business. With this data, Cetec will automatically generate quote statistics to help your business make informed decisions in the future.

Order Release

In Cetec ERP, open orders have to be released to the warehouse to begin production or shipment process. In effect this gives the user the power over production/shipment scheduling to maximize the efficiency of the order fulfillment process.

In order to manually relase several orders at once navigate to WAREHOUSE » Picking & Kitting » Move to Pick Queue, or to Sales » Order List to release orders individually. From the order list, users can choose which order is to be released by clicking on its order number, and then Release to the Warehouse from the left side of the screen.

Both methods will eventually lead you to Move to Pick Queue screen. From here you can filter the display screen by setting the parameters near the top of the screen (If you came here via the sales order list, it will have the parameters set up to display only the order you have picked). In general, filtering the list based on open orders Work Start dates can give you a good idea of which orders to priortize. Once you decide which orders are to be released check the boxes under Move column to the far right, and assign a warehouse pesonnel for the task. For stock orders, you can release a partial quantity by specifying the release quantity.

Once all this is done, click on Move Work Orders to Pick Queue button near the bottom of the page. The released orders will now show up in the appropriate warehouse personnel Pick Queue screen.

(If you want to bypass Pick Queue assignment and pull straight from the stock, go to PRODUCTION » Orders » List to pick an order, and click Pick Parts from the left side menu.)

Pull Material from Stock

Warehouse personnel may access their pick queue by navigating to WAREHOUSE » Picking & Kitting » Pick Queue. This screen will display only the orders assigned to the user accessing the screen. From this screen, clicking Pick will take the user to the Pick Parts screen for the order, where the user can specify the exact quantity to pull from stock and assign to the order. After entering the quantity to be picked, you can either send the parts to its subsequent workorder location as defined in that part build path, or manually select from the work order location dropdown menu and click Update.

(If you want to bypass Pick Queue assignment and pull straight from the stock, go to PRODUCTION » Orders » List to pick an order, and click Pick Parts from the left side menu.)

Build Process / Quality Inspection

Cetec includes an integrated shop floor management module to track production of goods per work order. From reserving inventory for orders to tracking kits or bundles of material as they travel across the build process, to delivering interactive routers and work instructions and inspection instructions, Cetec provides complete visibility to the status of your orders as they proceed to packing and shipping.

Pack / Ship / Invoice

Cetec ERP helps you streamline the packing and shipping process by autopopulating packing slips and labels. Partial shipments are supported, and invoices may be created with one click, updating real-time ledger accounts and relieving inventory according to your order.

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