Setup Instructions

Navigate to [YOUR URL]/admin/quickbooks_settings

The following fields and checkmarks will be set for you by the Cetec ERP team. They are all validation points that your Cetec account is able and open to connect to QBO.

  • Client Secret
  • Client ID
  • Base URL
  • Auth URL
  • Token URL

If you’d like, you can simply click the ‘Authentication URL’ title, and it will hide that entire section.

Your first task is to enter the ‘Realm ID’. The Realm ID is the Company ID found in your QBO account.

This next step requires a QBO admin user. Scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner of the page and click ‘Refresh Tokens’.

At this point, you will be redirected to a webpage that authorizes your connection to your Cetec ERP Account and QBO Account. After validation (again from a QBO Admin user only).

Sync Data

At the very bottom of your page, you will sync data between Cetec ERP and QBO.

If you are a brand new Cetec user and have little to no data in Cetec, please import your customers, vendors, and accounts into Cetec ERP before taking this step. Ask our team for assistance or check out the import documentation in the app ( Admin > APIs > Data Import Documentation ).

  • Pro tip: match the exact vendor, customer, and account names between QBO and Cetec.

After all of the data exists in Cetec ERP and QBO, select a data type and click the “Run Full Sync” button. This will tie the two databases together. For example, see Customers below. Type the customer name (from Cetec ERP) in the “Search” column, click the customer name via the dropdown, then click sync.

After clicking Sync, the Customer will be removed from your list.

Important Notes! We only display 100 records when performing the sync task above. When you go through your first 100 records, click the “Refresh Manual Sync Queue” and we’ll display the next 100 records.

If there are records in QBO that you don’t have anything to sync in Cetec ERP, you can click “Sync” without filling out the record.

If you add more data to QBO, you can always come back to this page and click “Run Full Sync” to connect that data to Cetec ERP.

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