Receiving & Parts Put-Away


To view a list of all received parts, navigate to Warehouse » Receiving » Receiving / Put Away. This page will display all received parts in a particular warehouse which have not yet been put away. Until parts are put away into bin locations, they will reside in an auto-generated default bin location labeled “NEW”. To view all inventory data for a part, see PARTS » List » (select part).

To view received parts in a different warehouse, choose the desired warehouse location from View Pending Receipts For Warehouse pulldown menu, and click Submit. Once the desired warehouse has been selected, Cetec will display the following information: receipt number which are automatically generated when parts are received; PRCPART code; purchase order and line number that the parts were received against; lot, date, and revision code if they were indicated; date received for the part; and the put away quantity.

From this screen, each individual part can be clicked on to take the user to the Part module, wherein more details about the part will be displayed.


To receive parts into inventory, click Receive Parts from the Receiving / Put Away menu. The Receive Parts screen allows the user to input data regarding the parts being received. When you receive material against a PO, entering the PO and PO line number will automatically populate PRCPART, quantity, and cost. Lot, date, and revision code can also be provided by the user for part traceability, but they are not required.

Depending on the part being received, this screen will display the inspection instruction attached to the part. The receiving personnel can use these instructions to inspect the received items, either accepting or rejecting them and filling out the Quantity Accepted and Quantity Rejected fields. Furthermore, inspection notes can be included with each received part entry to keep a better record of inspection results for traceability purposes. Receiving inspection logs may be viewed via Warehouse » Receiving » Incoming Inspections.

After all desired fields have been filled out, press Update to complete the receiving process. After the database has been updated, Cetec will display a unique receipt number for the received part as well as the printable label which can be attached to the received part for ease of identification. You can access the label by clicking on Label link that displays after the received part form has been submitted.


When receiving parts, you can also serialize the parts or give discrete piece measurement attributes (i.e. number of pieces and piece measurement for each piece). To do so, click Show Piece Detail next to the Update button. Doing so will display Pieces and Piece Qty/Size fields. Enter the serial number for each piece of material you are serializing. Then enter the piece measurement and the number of pieces with that measurement e.g. if you are receiving five 20 inch pipes, for a total receipt quantity is 100 inches of pipe, your Piece Measurement will be 20 and your # Pieces five. You can add additional pieces by clicking on the Add Another Piece button.

Cetec ERP will sum up the total Piece Measurement quantity until it matches the total receipt quantity indicated on the main receiving window and will notify the user of any disparity. After all desired fields have been filled out, press Update to complete the receiving process.


Upon receiving a part, Cetec ERP creates a link to the PO Line receipt. To the left of the Update button a line will display containing the receipt number, and the label for this receipt. To access the receipt screen, click on the receipt number. To print the label which can be then attached to the received part for ease of identification and scanning, click on the Label link. This will take you to the label print screen. From here, select File » Print of your web browser, or alternatively you can press CTRL + P if you are using a PC, or ⌘ + P if you are using a mac. The print setting must be set to landscape. Once the label has been printed, attach it to the received part, and then you can move on to Parts Put Away.

You can also store Documents or Certifications (e.g. COCs, and more.) on an individual receipt level. Go to a receipt and select the Documents tab to the left, and utilize Cetec’s standard document management functionality.

(To navigate to a particular PO Line receipt in Cetec ERP, go to PURCHASING » Purchase Orders. Select View By PO Lines from the View By drop-down select field and Closed from the Status select field, and click Search. Clicking on a purchase order that contains these closed purchase order lines will display the receipt and a link to the receipt beneath the PO Line.)

You can cancel a receipt by clicking the “Cancel Receipt” link in the left side navigation area. The cancel receipt function will be disabled (i.e. grayed out) if any of the following conditions are met:

  • If the parts on the receipt have been picked for an order.
  • If there is no PO line associated to the receipt.
  • If the receipt has been changed on the bin level (e.g. an inventory adjustment on that receipt).
  • If the receipt exists on a paid voucher.

Cancelling a receipt removes the receipt from a voucher if it is on one, removes the receipt from the bin in inventory, reduces inventory, cancels the receipt, and increases the open quantity on the PO line by the receipt quantity.


Cetec ERP integrates the data input when receiving parts with the existing data from the purchasing module. When parts are received, and the PO and PO line number are indicated per the info on the packing slip from the Vendor, Cetec ERP will automatically count the received quantity against the purchased quantity of each PO line. When all the lines from a PO has been received, the PO status will automatically change from Open to Closed. Once closed, this status will be reflected in the Purchasing module.


To put away parts, click Put Away from Receiving / Put Away screen. If you are not utilizing scanners and tablets, here you have to indicate the bin that the received parts will go into in the To Bin field. In naming your bins, we recommend that you follow the naming convention of xxx (three or more digits to indicate aisle #) - xxx (three or more digits to indicate section #) - xxx (three or more digits to indicate bin #) e.g. 004-012-089. Since Cetec utilizes random stock method in stocking parts (you can read more about it here).

But if you are utilizing scanners and tablets, and if the warehouse has been barcoded already, just tap on Tap to Scan button on your tablet, scan the part receipt and the respective bin label that it would go into.

The only restriction that Cetec puts on the user insofar as putting away parts goes is that the two shipments of the same PRCPART cannot go into the same bin. By preventing the same part from different receipts from going into the same bin, Cetec ERP can enforce part picking accuracy, and can default suggested stock for order fulfillment to follow the FIFO (first in, first out) principle.


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