To run Cetec ERP, no software installation outside of your web browser is required. We strongly recommend using free Google Chrome web browser. Once Chrome is installed, open it and type in your assigned URL, and enter username and password to login. This will log you into the system where you can begin setting up users and building your ERP system.

Bulletin Board

Cetec ERPs default page upon login is a company-wide bulletin board. Users with admin privileges may post things on the bulletin board to share with their company. Just click on the area below Update Homepage Content to update it, and click Submit to publish. Every user logging in to using Cetec ERP will be greeted with the updated message.

Top Navigation

The information bar at the very top of Cetec ERP displays current user login ID, app shortcuts, My Bookmarks, My Profile and My Documents buttons, and the Logout link.

Current User Login
The information bar displays your user name. To switch to a different username, simply logout and log back in under the appropriate username.

My Profile / My Documents
My Profile link at the top right of your screen lets you view and edit basic user information including your first name, last name, title, email address, office phone, mobile phone, password, and system roles granted. Profiles also contain user-specific repositories of documents and notes. Click on My Documents link at the far top right of the screen, or on the left sidebar of My Profile to view and upload documents associated with the user. To view all notes written by the user in the system, select All Notes By Me tab in the left sidebar. To write notes to yourself (i.e. notes that will only be associated to the user), select the Notes tab in the left sidebar.

To log out of the system, just click on the link labeled Logout at the extreme top right of the Cetec ERP screen.

User Setup

Create a New User
To create a new user, select the Admin tab from the far right of the main navigation bar, click the Users tab within the sub-navigation; this will bring you to the user list. From here, click the Add New User button to the right of the search box. In the area below, enter a new user name and a password. It is also possible to leave the password field blank to have Cetec ERP generate a random password for you. Click Create to create the new user. On the following screen, fill out the desired user profile fields.

User Roles - Setup
In creating a user name you can assign the roles the user is to have in the system. Any user you would like to grant unrestricted access to all views and functions in the system, assign them the role of Super User. For all other users, assign them the role per their normal company responsibility.
Note: to choose more than one role or location to assign to a user, simply hold down the Shift key before making your selection.

Production User Locations
If your user is a production worker, assign default and valid locations for the user. Default location is the work station your user typically works at, whereas valid Locations are the locations your user is permitted to work at. If the user is not a production user, and does not require access to production floor functionality in the system, choose none.
Note: to choose more than one role or location to assign to a user, simply hold down the Shift key before making your selection.

Activate / Inactivate
If you would like to have a user’s information saved in the system, but disable their access, use the activate / inactivate feature. To inactivate a user, go to Admin » Users and select Inactivate on the far right column for the user you wish to disable. To enable access to the system for an inactive user, go to Admin > Users and select Activate on the far right column for the user you wish to activate.

Out of Office / In Office
This is a quick way to activate or inactivate a user, while keeping them in the active User list, and providing a visual cue for their status. Out of office means a user is inactive in the system; in office indicates an active user.

Admin users may wish to impersonate another user if, for example, they would like to perform the functions another user would typically be responsible for. To do so, go to Admin » Users and select Impersonate on the far right column for the user you wish to impersonate. This essentially accomplish the same function as logging out and logging back in as that particular user.

Create a Warehouse Location

In case your business utilizes more than one warehouse location (warehouse locations need not be physically separated. If it serves your purpose, you could divide one physical warehouse into two or more locations), you can set up various warehouse locations you pull stock from and receive stock into. To do so, navigate to Admin » Data Maintenance » LNAME. If you want to add a new warehouse location, check Add Record and press Submit. This will create a new line for you to enter your data into. In the blank line, enter data and press Submit again to save the Warehouse Location information. After this is done, you will be able to select the newly entered location from any place that requires warehouse location in Cetec ERP.

Getting Started

Check out our 10-step “Getting Started” guide for help on the basic setup steps to get started with your own live company data. Also, check out our “Launch Packages” to get expert help implementing Cetec ERP at your company.

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