When implementing Cetec ERP, you may want to set up specific roles and restrictions (i.e. user roles) and assign those roles (or groupings of roles) to your employees who will be using the system. For instance, you may want to grant your sales personnel the ability to manage customer records and quotes, while preventing them from going into A/R Aging Summary.

The below represents a baseline set of recommended groupings per employee type/department. The recommendations below are intended as a starting point for you. Additional privileges and/or restrictions are typically discovered ad hoc as a result of implementing and operating on a day to day basis with the system.

Title Description / Goals Role Combinations
ERP/IT Manager Responsible for all administration of data maintenance, configuration settings, user role privileges, etc. Admin
Owner / CEO / President / CFO / COO Needs ability to see and/or use everything about the company in the ERP system Admin
Manager/Supervisor Needs ability to see and/or use everything in the company / ERP system except financial data. Manager, Supervisor, Warehouse
Accounting Personnel Needs ability to process A/P, A/R, generate financial statements, etc. Accounting

The below represents user roles to assign that will greatly restrict the user’s ability to view/use the system outside of the department correspondent to the user role defined. For these lower level users, you may assign only the roles below. It’s possible that, during the course of “going live” with your ERP system, it may become clear that a lower level user actually needs more access than the departmental role allows for, at which point you may assign a Manager or Supervisor role to open that up (and possible refine that user’s access via the admin Access Control module).

Department Description Role Combinations
Sales Anything involving quoting, order management, order entry, CRM Sales
Purchasing Anything involving planning, procurement, interfacing with a vendor, shopping / RFQ, issuing POs, etc. Purchasing
Warehouse Material handling, receiving, stocking, put away, picking, packing, shipping. Warehouse
Production Shop floor worker Production
Quality Quality assurance Production, QA Admin, QA Inspector, Quality Engineer

Other user roles besides the user roles listed above do exist in the user role table; however their application is extremely specific to situational requirements. We recommend simply ignoring those if and until their need presents itself.


  • ’Admin’ is the super user level role. Selecting only Admin will give the user 100% full privileges.

  • ’ProductionOnly’ usurps all other roles and will restrict access in the system to only Production Orders (even if you have other roles, even Admin, selected on top).

  • Multiple roles may be selected and grouped together by selecting
    CTRL+SHIFT and selecting multiple roles

  • Additional refinements and restrictions may be assigned to users via the Access Control admin module.

  • No “read only” role exists. Read only access may be achieved via
    nightly backup of LIVE system onto a test/backup system.

  • Announcing to your company employees that the Cetec system logs all user activity and page screen loads/exports in an easily searchable
    log (via Admin » Logs » Usage Log); this can help foster a culture of accountability.

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