The ProductionOnly user role (offered at a reduced rate of $20/user/month) was designed for shop floor workers performing repetitive work. For example, imagine a shop floor of several hundred workers performing repetitive work. The only functions a ProductionOnly user is allowed to do are:

  • Scanning and/or looking up a work order;
  • Viewing the work order work instructions;
  • Viewing basic work order data (e.g. customer, part number, quantity due, due dates, etc.)
  • Viewing basic work order documents (e.g. traveler, drawings, etc.)
  • Updating work order status
  • Clocking in/out of a work order
  • Pick parts for the product
  • Complete/receive the work order into finished goods

Some examples of what a ProductionOnly user may not do are (this list isn’t exhaustive):

  • Perform inspections
  • Manage the order specific BOM
  • Split the work order into two different work orders
  • Un-invoicing an invoice

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