• To add a user in Cetec ERP, please navigate to ADMIN » Users. Up at the top of the screen you will see a search filter. Press Add New User below the Submit button.

  • Doing so will pop up a menu below it, prompting for user name and password. Please give the user a unique user name. Password can either be assigned or you can leave it blank for Cetec ERP to randomly generate one for you. Click Create. If you have selected the random generation method, an alert message will pop up and indicate your system password to jot down.

  • After a user has been created, the user profile edit screen will appear.

  • While most of the user fields are not required by Cetec ERP, it will be used in different places by the system.

  • The Roles table determines the modules and functionalities that the user can access. If you are an admin in the system, you will use the Roles feature to restrict or give permission.

  • After you are done filling out the relevant fields, click Submit. Congratulations, you have created a user using Cetec ERP!


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