• To import ledger entries from a .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file, navigate to ACCOUNTING » Chart/Ledger » Import. This will take you to the Import Ledger screen. Once you are here, click on choose file, choose a file, click Open, and then Import File.

  • These are the required fields for a successful ledger import:
    • Name
    • Date
    • Account Numbers of the Accounts to be Credited and Debited
    • Credit/Debit Values
    • External ID/Key - Most of the time a ledger import fails, it will be due to using external ID/Key that has been used before. Cetec ERP requires a unique external ID/Key for every entry that will be imported into the system. A nice way of making sure that the IDs are unique is to use the date of the import for external ID/Key e.g. 2014-10-30-01 for the first entry on 10/30/2014, 2014-10-30-105 for the 105th entry on the same day, and so on. For an entry containing multiple splits, all splits for a same entry need to use the same External ID/Key. The net debit and credit values for these splits must also net out to zero.
  • Clicking on Import File will take you to the data scrubbing screen. Here you have two major tasks: 1. Specifying which rows to import; 2. Specifying columns. Click on the pull-down menu from the top, choose the right column type, and after you have done this for all columns click on Update.

  • The system will try to validate that data, and if there is an error, it will tell you what went wrong. After all problems have been fixed, click on Finish to complete importing the data. A notification will pop up declaring, “Success: Ledger Imported!”.

  • You will see any rows imported on your general ledger immediately.

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