• How do you complete a work order that you are shipping out to an external customer?
  • First, be sure that the lines you want to ship are fully picked.
  • The qty picked value will be highlighted in green if you are able to pick the entire qty. If it has been partially picked it will be highlighted in blue.
  • When parts are picked and work is complete, click the number 5 in the blue header and then click Invoice / Ship, or you can click the Invoice / Ship link in the left side menu.
  • Now you can manually enter the ship quantity or, to ship the full quantity of the parts ordered, just click Fully Ship and Cetec will fill in the Ship Quantity field for you.
  • Once you’ve set your ship quantity, Cetec will show you the quantity of each part that will be relieved from your inventory when you ship this order.
  • To save your ship quantity, click Update.
  • You can print your packing slip and packing labels here.
  • To complete and invoice this order, click Create Invoice.
  • A success message should appear at the top of the screen.

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