How To Use Dimensional Inventory Serials/Pieces in Cetec ERP

  • Help documentation for entering a PO can be found here, and receiving parts/non-dimensionalized serials/pieces here. Familiarity with these processes may be necessary to use the current feature in Cetec ERP.

Entering 2D/3D Data In PQuote/PO

To enter a PO for dimensionalized serials/pieces, navigate to PURCHASING » PQuotes » New PQuote, and populate the relevant header information. When adding a PQuote line, you will see a gray Toggle 2D/3D button above the source comments (you can also edit this after having added a line).

Select dimension type and enter in the values. The piece measurement field will update automatically based on the dimension values you enter.

The area of the dimension type you choose should match the piece measurement value you have given it. The quantity of a PQuote line divided by piece measurement tells you the number of pieces you are planning to receive it.

The data entered at the PQuote level is for communication purposes to your vendors, and will transfer to the PO. Cetec ERP requires you to enter this data once again at the time of receipt since changes to order details are frequent.

Entering 2D/3D Data In The Receiving Screen

Whether you are receiving against a PO or doing a non-inventory receipt, the process of entering 2D/3D data for serial/piece is the same in Cetec ERP.

Inside the receiving screen, put in the part information, then click the Show Piece Detail button. This will display the Pieces and Piece Qty/Size fields. Click on the 2D/3D button, select the dimension type, and fill in the values. The piece measurement field will update automatically based on the dimension values you enter. The product of # Pieces and Piece Measurement should equal the Quantity you have entered up at the top of the Receiving Screen.

Adding Dimensionalized Serial/Piece as a BOM Component

Cetec ERP currently does not support dimension sizes for BOM components, e.g. there is no way to tell the system that a BOM needs .5 x .5 of component X or 5 x 1 x 5 of component Y. Instead when editing BOM definition you should indicate that .25 of component X and 25 of component Y are required to build the assembly.


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