Cetec ERP provides nightly backups of your data and the documents stored within Cetec ERP. We recommend that you download and store these backups on a regular basis, either manually or via an automated process.

To find these backups, navigate to Admin » Maintenance » Download Backups. Manual downloading is done by clicking on the ‘Download’ button; URLs are also provided to enable automated downloading of backups via script.. To authenticate non-user access, a preshared key will be required. Specify this value by navigating to Admin » Config » Config settings, search for the Config value named ‘JSON API Token’, and set a value to use for non-user access. Note that automated, non-user access to Cetec ERP is factored in to API access and may incur charges - see https://www.cetecerp.com/support/resources/services/#api-access for more information.

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