• Locate the order/job in production
    • Go to Production Orders List and find the work order.
    • Click on the line to view the main fulfillment window for the work order.
  • Pull up any drawing or document or file related to the BOM / finished good in production
    • From the work order view screen, go to the Documents tab on the left side-nav.
    • Pull up any default auto-generated work order docs, e.g. traveler, license plate, pick list, work list, etc.
    • Pull up any related documents, e.g. drawings, cut sheets, work instructions, machine program files, etc. that may have been attached to the BOM or Part by engineering previously.
  • Work instructions, data collection, and in-line process control
    • Work instructions can be defined for a BOM / BOM revision that you build; you can require data collection at each step/instruction.
    • On the shop floor view of a work order for the finished part/BOM, these work instructions will appear with a field inline for data collection.
    • All data collected will save with the work order for complete auditability and traceability to enforce checks and process.

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