In Cetec ERP, a user can be one individual worker in your company or one login profile that is shared between multiple people. Generally, youll add one user profile for each person using Cetec ERP.

How do you add a user?

  • Open Cetec ERP and click Admin> Users> User list.
  • Click Add New User.
  • Enter username and password and click Create. Please give the user a unique username. The password can either be assigned or you can leave it blank for Cetec ERP to randomly generate one for you. If you have selected the random generation method, an alert message will pop up and indicate your system password to jot down.
  • Type in the Email, First Name, and Last Name.
  • Scroll down and add a Title.
  • Give the user whatever roles they need. The Roles table determines the modules and functionalities that the user can access. If you are an admin in the system, you will use the Roles feature to restrict or give permission.
  • Scroll down and click Submit.

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