Cetec ERP allows users who are logged into a work order to ‘batch’ multiple work orders into the same time segment.

If you would like to use this feature, first speak with your system admin to ensure that this feature covers your time tracking and production requirements. If so, you must first turn on a configuration setting to use this new feature. Navigate to Admin»Config Settings»’Allow Batch Work’. Type in ‘1’ to turn on this feature.

Now, navigate to an open work order. As usual, an employee logged into a work order can click ‘Start Work’ in order to track time spent on a job. With the ‘Batch Work’ feature, that user can now include multiple jobs to log onto the same time stamp. In the ‘Batch Work Order Add’ text field, the user types in the additional job number and clicks ‘add’. Repeat this process until all orders are placed in the batch. Click ‘Start Work’ again to begin tracking time.

When one of the multiple jobs are stopped, all jobs added to that batch stop as well. When the work is stopped, Cetec divides the entire time spent across each job in order to maintain accurate job cost. Additionally, any job added by mistake can be deleted from that batch, and Cetec recalculates your time and cost across the proper number of jobs in the batch.

Notice, your ‘View Work’ report includes additional columns that display ‘Passive Time’, or time spent from start to finish of the entire batch. The column titled ‘Time Spent’ represents the time spent per individual work order of that batch. Furthermore, job cost and overhead cost is calculated based on the ‘Time Spent’, not ‘Passive Time.


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