To calculate a trial balance in Cetec ERP, click Accounting to enter the Accounting module, then click Reports, then Trial Balance. By default, the report will run with an “as of” day of today, but you have the option to select a different day. To do so, click inside the field and then choose the date from the calendar. You can select or deselect the option to show account hierarchy on export.

Cetec ERP will by default show the data for all locations, but you have the option to filter only by certain locations. To do so, click inside the field and click on the location in the drop-down list. To add another location, click into the blank part of the field again and select another location.

Cetec will by default Exclude Retained Earnings On the ‘As Of’ Day. But you can instead set it to exclude all retained earnings, include all retained earnings entries, or include retained earnings on the ‘as of’ day.

To run the report, click Submit. The trial balance, filtered according to your specifications, will appear below.

You have the option to Export the report and to show and hide specific columns to create a customized view of the report.

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