Heres how to cancel an order with a prepayment in Cetec ERP.

  • First navigate to your order you need to cancel.
  • Click on the prepayment + on the left hand navigation. This will show you the prepayments attached to the order. Click into the prepayment.
  • Once on the A/R payment screen click on the deposit in the right hand corner. If the deposit is open you can reopen the payment but if its closed you will need to reopen the deposit first.
  • Go back to the payment and reopen the payment. Once youve reopened the payment zero out all of the values then click update.
  • The delete button will appear next to the Payment Complete button. Go ahead and delete the payment. NOTE: The payment link will still show up on the order even when you have deleted it but it has been successfully removed if you dont see a prepay amount.
  • Now that the prepayment is closed out you can now close the order.
  • Click Close Line/All in the left hand nav. Click Delete Order. You have now successfully deleted the order.


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