You may need to credit a customer. Here’s a guide below:

  • Youll first want to navigate to Accounting> A/R> Credit Memo List.
  • On this screen, click Create, where you will then be prompted to select the customer. Click Create, again
  • Navigate to the line and enter the total credit amount in the Resale field and enter the Customer PO (if applicable). Click Update
  • You have the option to change which account it will be debited to from the default.
  • Now that the credit memo has been created, lets apply the memo to a payment from the customer.
  • From the credit memo, click the link to the customer.
  • On the left-hand menu of the customer record, click Take Payment.
  • Enter the payment method, value, and reference number.
  • Scroll down and include the respective invoice(s) and credit memo by clicking the Include checkbox for both.
  • Note that the Applied Value is now the sum of the invoice total plus the amount of the credit memo.
  • Click Update to confirm then click Payment Complete.


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