Here is how to create a debit memo and applying it to a vendor payment in your Cetec ERP instance.

Creating A Debit Memo:

  • Step one is to generate a debit memo. In order to do that, click the Accounting module at the top right hand corner of your browser. Then, select the A/P dropdown menu to populate additional choices. From that dropdown menu click the Debit Memo List hyperlink which will redirect you to the Debit Memo List report.
  • On the Debit Memo List report, click on the blue Create Debit Memo button to pull up the debit memo creation field.
  • After clicking the create button, input the name of the vendor youre issuing this debit memo to and click the orange Create button. This will then generate your new debit memo!
  • You will have been redirected to the debit memo edit page where you can input key information for your new debit memo.
  • After filling out the information that you need for your newly created debit memo, go ahead and click the orange Submit button to process those updates.

Applying The Debit Memo To A Vendor Payment:

  • First, to locate a payment youre wanting to apply that debit memo to, click the A/P dropdown menu again. From the dropdown menu select the A/P Payment List (Pay Vouchers) hyperlink.
  • Filter the A/P Payment List report to find the payment youre wanting to apply the debit memo to and click into the payment ID number to be redirected to the AP Payment page for that payment.
  • Once on the edit AP Payment Page select the voucher you want to attach to the payment, and scroll up to the debit memo table on that same page. Youll see the debit memo you just created for that vendor is now available. Click the include checkbox (to the far right of the debit memo line) and click update.


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