Labor plans (travelers or routers) are used to show the work locations that your assemblies will move through when its being built. This includes what kind of operations are needed to complete building the part, along with the specific work instructions.

How do you create a labor plan in Cetec ERP?

  • First, locate the BOM for which you want to create the labor plan. The quickest way is to start typing the part number into the global search field on the upper right hand side of the screen and then select the part number from the drop-down list.
  • Once on the part screen, click Revisions on the left hand menu then click into the Labor Plan.
  • To add a work location, choose it from the location drop down in the middle of the screen then click Add.
  • Now that you have a work location set, it’s time to add an operation that will occur at this location.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the location you just added and choose an operation from the add operation drop-down list and click Add.
  • If this operation is a setup step that only occurs once, regardless of the quantity being built, and should only be counted once in your labor estimates, select Yes next to Setup and click set.
  • If an operation needs to happen multiple times, add the number of repetitions for the operation to the Times box and click set. This will ensure accurate communication for the build process and correctly calculate labor.
  • You can continue to add other operations in the same manner until you have all the operations you want for the work location.
  • Work instructions can be added to an operation by clicking into the pencil icon and typing into the instructions box.
  • If an operation requires parts to be picked, check the Pick Reqd box.
  • If you want to require a signature before work can move past this step, check the sign Reqd box.
  • Click Update to save your work.
  • Additional work locations can be added to the labor plan by repeating the process above.
  • To remove a work location click remove on the right side of the location.
  • To remove an operation from a work location click the pencil icon then click the drop check box next to an operation and click set.
  • Time estimate for the labor plan is calculated by part for recurring operations. If you have a set up time on an operation it will only count that once.
  • Alternatively, if we want to set one fixed, global labor estimate to be used for this BOM, regardless of the revision being used, we can enter a value (in minutes) next to the total labor estimate drop down.
  • Choose “Use Total Labor Estimate” from this drop-down list, and click Update.


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