In Cetec ERP, how can you perform an inspection on parts as they are being received?

Starting at the purchase order (PO) screen, click on the Receive link in the orange bar at the top or click the blue Receive link on the PO line you want to receive.

On the receiving screen, there is an inspection section. To trigger the creation of an inspection document, go to that section and enter the quantity accepted and the quantity rejected (if applicable). You also have the option to enter inspection notes. To receive the parts, click the orange Receive button.

Multiple documents are generated at receipt. If there was any quantity of parts rejected, Cetec ERP will generate a non-conformance report (NCR) document.

If you click into the inspection document, you have the option to edit it. Youll also see that the inspection document is automatically linked to several other related documents. These include the purchase order (PO), the part record, the receipt, and the NCR (if parts were rejected during the receipt).

Similarly, the NCR document contains a link back to the inspection document. Also notice that, by default, the NCR includes the part number, rejected quantity, and purchase order number for ease of traceability.

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