Heres how to create a ship and debit in Cetec ERP.

First, create the Ship and Debit.

  • Go to Sales>Invoices>Ship & Debits
  • Click create, enter part, Book Cost, and Ship and Debit Cost.
    • Book Cost is the cost that you are buying the part for from the supplier at the time of the initial purchase.
    • Ship and Debit Cost is the price that the Distributor sells the part for.
    • Amount is a calculated value and is used by Cetec to determine which S&D to use on a quote/order when two S&Ds exist for the same part
  • Also enter Authorization Code, Vendor, Customer, max quantity, and date range if applicable at this time.
  • Hit Create. Now you have an active S&D that will be applied to new quotes and orders (or added to existing ones if you choose to do so).

Next, you will create the association.

  • Cetec ERP will automatically make the association on a new quote or order.
  • Create a Quote/Order for the prcpart.
  • Look at the Left hand navigation to see the Ship & Debit Associations. Click there.
  • This will also occur when you add the part to an existing Sales Order.
  • Also, if you edit the Qty on that Order Line It will update the S&D Association when an update is processed for that line.
  • Youll see a few columns on the Quote, Order, and Invoice - Adj Cost and Adj GM. These will show the margin of that line based on the S&D cost.
  • You can review the full list of active associations (and historical) on the Ship & Debit Associations under Sales>Invoices>Ship and Debit Associations

Finally, create the Debit memo for the S&D. After invoicing your order, search Ship and Debit Association.

  • Go to Sales>Invoices>Ship and Debit Association
  • Notice the book cost, S&D cost, debit amount and ext debit amount are updated
  • Under Debit memo, click Create Memo
  • Click into the memo
  • This memo will be a Debit Memo for the Vendor that setup the S&D.


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