Cross Parts are used to create associations for different part names or part numbers for your specific internal part. One application is Vendor Part Numbers, which allows you to manage multiple preferred or approved vendors and their vendor part numbers without maintaining multiple records.

  • To set this up, the first step is to go to the part record you would like to designate multiple vendors for. On the left-hand side menu on that part record, click on Maint+ to open the maintenance sub-menu. From the options on the sub-menu, click on crosses.
  • Once on the cross page, you will be able to add rows with the following fields available: Cross Prcpart, Cross Type, & Notes. These 3 fields will be available for any Cross Type that you set up. In order to set up multiple preferred vendors and vendor part names, select the input Vendor Part in the Cross Type field.
  • Once Vendor Part is set as the Cross Type, an additional field will appear to allow you enter the Vendor name. Type the vendor, and select from the dropdown. (Note: The fields Qty Avail, QOH, & QOO are only relevant if you want to use this association to link 2 distinct part records that exist in your Cetec ERP instance.) Repeat as necessary for all the vendor/vendor part numbers for this prcpart.
  • The Vendor part number will now be accessible as a Cross Part, and will auto-populate on POs to that vendor.
  • Having 2 distinct part records is not necessary, if you enter a part number that does not exist Cetec ERP will recognize this is the name that the Vendor uses for the part, and will provide the vendor part name in documentation (i.e when you send out your PQuote).

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