NOTE! The shortcut for a build for stock order is: PRODUCTION Orders New Build For Stock Order. This will autopopulate the fields shown in the video above!

Build For Stock orders are internal work orders for finished goods to stock and sell at a later point in time, as opposed to a one-off or job order. Build for stock orders are entered via the Quoting process, just like any other work order in Cetec ERP. The key difference with build for stock, however, is to assign yourself as an internal customer. This indicates that you are building product for yourself, for your own stock.

To enter a work order for an internal customer, you need to make sure you have an internal customer defined in the system. To do so, set the Inter-Company Account field to Yes. Cetec ERP includes one default intercompany customer and intercompany vendor.

Cetec ERP will recognize any quote/order for an internal customer as such, and default an internal vendor to handle the behind the scenes transaction involved in a Build For Stock order, that is the cost rollups of labor/material into the finished good you will eventually receive into inventory. Simply click Place Order to signal the demand for your Build For Stock work order to your shop floor.

Your order will automatically create in line with the typical order entry process in Cetec ERP. An internal PO will also be created; you can ignore this PO if you like (it will automatically close once you finish the build for stock order). To track work on your Build For Stock work order, select the line item on your order to access the shop floor work order view.

On the Build For Stock work order, track labor, follow work instructions, perform inspections, etc. - follow any and all processes like you normally would to manage a work order on your shop floor. To complete the order and receive it into stock, navigate back to the Sales View.

To close out your Build For Stock order, you need to invoice it (that is, invoice it to yourself). This will complete the order, and automatically receive the finished good into stock (against the internal PO that was auto-created previously). The resale value for your Build For Stock order is set to be equal to cost, as you are essentially selling yourself a finished good at cost.

After invoicing, you will have complete traceability that your finished good was built and completed and received into stock, and all constituent material levels were reduced accordingly, and related labor/material costs were rolled up into your finished good properly.

Head to the inventory view (part record) for a finished good. Note that, after completing the Build For Stock order, finished goods stock will increase by the number of finished goods built and invoiced on the build for stock order, and the date of that receipt of finished good into stock will be in accordance with the date we completed and invoiced our order.

If you would like to put away your finished good into a specific bin location, your receipt of the finished good is already automatically set up for you to put away.

Now that your finished good is in stock, you can place a stock order for it for an external customer.


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