Heres a how-to guide on editing and resending an invoice in Cetec ERP!

  • The first step is to navigate to Accounting> A/R> A/R List (Receivables).
  • You can filter the list by invoice number or customer to find the invoice you want to resend.
  • Once youve set your filters click Submit.
  • Click on the blue invoice number hyperlink to be redirected to the invoice youre wanting to edit/resend.
  • On the invoice view page, go ahead and click the Edit button on the left hand navigation menu.
  • Edit/change the desired invoice header fields and click Update.
  • Now that youve edited your invoice, go ahead and click the PDF hyperlink.
  • Click the blue Email PDF button above the invoice header.
  • Input any information that youre wanting to include on the PDF email in the Body subsection.
  • Include the recipient’s email in the To field then click send to send the email.


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