If youre wanting to implement Standard Cost to your part records in Cetec ERP its quick and easy! Below are steps listed out that will help you implement those benchmark or Standard Costs for those part records:

  • First have a user with access to the part record youre wanting to implement that standard cost for. Once that user has opened the part record theyll need to scroll down to the Warehouse Specific Data subsection of that part record.
  • Youll see a yellow pencil (edit) icon next to that warehouse location name, click into that to pull up the Edit Inventory screen for that warehouse.
  • On that popup menu youll see a Std Cost field available to edit. Input the standard cost you want for that part record, click the orange Update button, and Standard Cost for that prcpart is now set!
  • If youre wanting to update Standard Cost for multiple part records in your environment there is a Pricing/Costing Import feature in Cetec to handle that for you!
  • This can be found by clicking the Parts module, selecting the Pricing/Costing submodule, and finally selecting the Pricing/Costing Import link.
  • Once on the Import Pricing & Costing page you can upload an .xls or .csv file that youve built out. Make sure to have the following column headers in place for this Standard Cost import update:
    • Std Cost
    • Location (the two letter initial of your warehouse location; MN, MC, EU, NA, etc etc).
  • Once you select the .xls or .csv file click the orange Import File button, select the headers to match the columns (prcpart, std cost, location), uncheck the first row of data so it is not used, and click Update. Standard Costing has now been updated for all of the prcparts that youve included in that file!

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