Paying invoices, creating deposits, and creating prepayments are all important parts of your day to day processes.

  • To take payment for an invoice go to Accounting> A/R> A/R Payment List. Click create to create a new payment, then enter a customer and choose a deposit. Click Create Deposit to create the payment.
  • Select a payment method, add a payment value, and enter the payment reference number from the customer.
  • If you have auto apply on, it will apply the oldest invoice first. If you dont have auto apply on it wont apply any invoices. Choose which invoice(s) you want to pay by checking the boxes at the bottom of the page connected to the invoices. Click update to confirm the changes then click payment complete to close the AR payment.
  • A deposit in Cetec ERP is the transaction of compiling closed A/R Payments from customers and depositing them all into the bank. Imagine this is the process of taking multiple checks (from customers) to the bank. To create a deposit you will need to create a new A/R payment. In the right hand corner of the payment you can select an existing deposit or create a new deposit.
  • To view deposits go to Accounting> A/R> Deposit list. The deposit list defaults to show only open deposits so you know what deposits havent been closed. You have to close all A/R payments associated with the deposit in order to be able to close the deposit.
  • Once on the deposit screen you can set an account (usually a bank account) where you want to deposit the money. You can also name the deposit. Click update to confirm any changes then click deposit to confirm the deposit. You may click the Ledger link on the left-hand side of your screen to review the corresponding ledger activity.
  • Another way to take payment is to prepay an order. Search for an order then once youre in the order click Prepay on the left side menu. Select the customers payment method, enter the reference number, then scroll down and click prepay. This order is now prepaid. You can also process prepayments on a quote; it is the same process except on the quote screen.

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