• Stock Orders are distribution orders that do not require assembly of material in order to be sold to a customer. To start the Stock Order process, navigate to SALES Quotes New Quote.
  • A Stock Order follows the basic order entry process (see the Order Entry Overview How-To for an overview). Once a new quote is created, fill out the header (making sure that the required fields are filled out) and add the quote lines. The most important thing to note when creating a Stock Order is to select Stock for its Transaction Code. After selecting the transaction code and filling out any other (optional) quote line fields, click OK to add the line.
  • After all lines have been entered and the quote is ready to be converted into an order, click on Convert to Order link from the left-side nav. This will take you to the Convert Order screen. Depending on the data input/missing, order type, and more, this screen may contain warnings, notifications, promptings, suggestions, etc. Once everything is ready, click on Place Order and your order will be created.
  • After the conversion, Cetec ERP will take you to the sales order view screen for that order. Here, you may view order details, link back to the quote the order originated from, and/or move forward to order fulfillment.
  • Please note, distribution/stock orders are special and are fulfilled differently than work orders. The key difference is: before picking parts, you have to first set qty to ship. In other words, you have to dictate exactly how many components or finished goods need to be pulled from stock, and ultimately packed and shipped, in order to allocate material and fulfill the sales order.
  • To do so, simply click the Release To Warehouse link from the left side-nav of a sales order, which will bring you to the Move To Pick Queues screen. Set a release qty (which should be defaulted to the quantity due on the sales order), set the order to release by clicking the move check box, then scroll down and click Move Order.
  • Alternatively, in lieu of performing a Release To Warehouse function, you could simply go to the Ship/Invoice screen, set a qty to ship, click Update, and then go to the work order (click the order line ID or the link under the Production View (+) tab), and head to the Pick Parts screen to pull stock and fulfill the order.
  • For a more detailed walkthrough on Release to Warehouse and Picking processes, refer to Order Entry Overview how-to guide.
  • To invoice and close an order, navigate to the Invoice/Ship screen from the sales order view. Before clicking on Create Invoice, make sure the exact amount goods to be shipped is reflected accurately beneath the Ship Qty column. If so, proceed by first printng out your packing documents. Then, click Create Invoice to register the invoice to your accounting module, close the order, bill your customer, etc.


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