Heres how to do enter a voucher (vendor invoice) in Cetec ERP:

  • Click into the Accounting module.
  • Next youll want to click the A/P dropdown menu.
  • In the dropdown menu select the Add Voucher link! A new voucher will be created, and you will be redirected to the edit voucher page.
  • First, input the Vendor Invoice Number into its respective field, designate which vendor this voucher is from (via the Vendor field), and finally input the Vendor Requested Amount into its respective field. Enter notes for remittance or internal notes for reference if youd like.
    • IF, this a bill (utilities, etc) that isnt connected to a Purchase Order, click submit, and Cetec will generate voucher splits for the requested amount that correlate to the ledger splits. You can edit amounts, accounts, cost centers, or add new splits if you would like. The Vendor Requested amount should equal the sum of the ledger splits.
  • IF this is a vendor invoice for Purchase Orders, scroll down to the Attach PO Lines/Receipts subsection of the voucher, and input the PO number that youre wanting to pay.
  • After adding in the PO number, you can either attache the PO lines or the PO line receipts. POs for inventory MUST have been received in the system. Non-inventory PO lines can simply be vouchered. Select the dropdown for the PO line or Receipts, and add the receipts that correlate to the invoice details, and then click Add. You can use the Add All if you are paying for all receipts on this voucher.
  • This will generate voucher splits based on the attached Receipts and/or PO lines.
  • Make sure the correct GL account is selected, check that the totals add up correctly between the ledger split and vendor requested amount and click submit!
    • NOTE: You can add splits for tax/freight as well.

Youve successfully entered a new voucher into the Cetec ERP system, attached the PO lines that you want to pay, and indicated which GL account is going to be used for this process.

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