Cetec makes tracking your R&D projects easy and transparent.

  • Cetec allows you to go to an orderline and flag it as R&D
  • This is done by going to an order edit screen, scrolling down to the order line, and choosing Advanced. Here you will see a R&D checkbox. Check the box, and hit submit.
  • When you go to the order overview screen you will see the line is now highlighted blue and flagged as R&D.
  • The work order screen also shows this flag.
  • You can log time, pick parts, invoice/ship, and complete/receive like a normal order.
  • Since R&D in Cetec is just a flag, all ledger activity will act the same as a typical order.
  • There are 2 reports in Cetec specifically for R&D orders, one to list the orders, and one to track time. Both are found under the Sales, Reports tab.


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